One way to keep our kids healthy is to make sure they eat right, but if we don’t prepare all their meals ourselves, that’s hard to do. Schools are taking steps towards making school lunches healthier, but you still may need to step in to make sure your child is being given healthy options

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Exercise and a proper diet are fundamental to good health. As we have become conscious of various health risks, we want our family to be physically and emotionally healthy as well. Bike riding is a fun activity, but should be approached in a safe manner. If you have not been on a bike for a while, there are certain safety tips you’ll need to adhere to.

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Hyperactive Active disorders seems to be more and more common, and there is much more talk about it in todays world. Are you concerned that your child may be too hyperactive and may have a condition that needs medical attention? Almost every child these days will have times when they seem hyperactive. Here are some signs of ADHD.

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