Signs of ADHD

Hyperactive disorders seems to be more and more common, and there is much more talk about it in todays world. Are you concerned that your child may be too hyperactive and may have a condition that needs medical attention? Almost every child these days will have times when they seem hyperactive. The good news is that it is perfectly normal for children to be nervously wound up and excited. However, for about one out of twenty children under the age of twelve, there exists a condition which causes them to be so hyperactive and easily distracted that they will need medical attention. Physicians call this condition ADHD, which stands for “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder”.  Here are some signs of ADHD.
Children that are experiencing ADHD have a tendency to always be moving around a great deal, will have trouble sleeping, and is not able to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time. These children are usually very easily distracted and often act on impulse. They also have a very hard time paying attention or listening to events that are going on around them. 
If your child is a toddler then you may worry that she is showing signs of [tag-ice]hyperactivity[/tag-ice], but if you compare her to other children her age then you will see that she is normal. If your child were to have true hyperactivity, then she would be noticeably more excessive in her behavior.   Children with ADHD have excitability levels that are higher, their distraction problems are more severe, and they never seem to calm down from one day to the next.
Children with [tag-cat]ADHD[/tag-cat] are as equally intelligent as the other kids but appear to be slow learners. The reason for this is because their condition causes them to loose concentration quickly while not being able to follow instructions to completion. They tend to be more emotional, more demanding, and extremely disobedient, more so than other kids their age.
All of this behavior typically remains immature well throughout their childhood years which causes problems at school and with friends. It is not uncommon for these children to get in trouble with the law at an early age. Without the care and treatment that these kids need, their lives can remain out of their control well into their adult years as well.
Finding the source of severe hyperactivity can be hard to do, especially since nobody knows exactly what causes this condition. Whatever the source of hyperactivity, the manner in which the child is raised and disciplined seems to have an effect on how severe the disorder becomes. Parents who have raised children with ADHD to grow up to be healthy young adults were noted as being emotionally healthy themselves, practiced [tag-tec]discipline[/tag-tec] with gentle firmness, and were unconditional with their love for the children. 

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December 14, 2007

Jerry @ 8:51 pm #

hyperactivity? are you kidding me? every kid should be hyperactive! ADHD is a myth!!!! Don’t drug kids!

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